After visiting Myanmar for 2 weeks, it was time to explore more temples. Little did I know it was going to be 10000C° during the day. Therefore, to be able to visit Angkor Wat, I woke up every morning way too early, headed to the usual photography spot and waited with hundreds of other tourists patiently to see the sunrise.

One morning, when my tuk-tuk driver came to pick me up, the weather wasn’t great. It was actually pretty bad. It rained half of the night and it was still pouring rain when we left for Angkor Wat. However, the weather was supposed to get better for the sunrise.

All bets were made, I was going to walk in the dark, by myself and reach the usual photo spot. Like the first day, I waited with hundred tourists for the sun to come out and after taking the classic Angkor Wat picture I walked back to continue this classic Angkor circle tour. But something was different, the whole way out was cover with puddles (Sherlock’s here). Big puddles. From there I could have a different picture of Angkor Wat, a different reflection and angle.

Without the rain, it would have been usual Angkor Wat shots but that day, it created all new possibilities. Lesson learn, always wait after the rain to see what happens.

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