Like Home

After a little less than a month, it was time to say goodbye to my close friends from Perth and leave for a new adventure. Saying goodbye while travelling is never easy and it is even harder when a place feels like home.

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356 days later

Done, I have been travelling for one year.

Actually, not really. This Summer, I settled down for a bit in Taiwan to study Mandarin and to embrace laziness. I stopped exploring, taking pictures and creating. Dropped my bag for a few months and focused on eating and studying. I also met extraordinary people and spent more time with my family. Another reason to see the world: live and experience the daily life and not just passing through places. Getting a new routine, finding my way without using Google Map and spending time with new friends.

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3 months in “Lost in Translation”

When I decided to visit Japan, I initially planned to stay for 1-2 months. I ended up staying for the entire validity of my visa: 3 months. And I can’t remember how many times it felt like Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray in Lost in Translation. Even if this movie was released in 2003, it is still the most accurate depiction of visiting Japan.

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Tokyo – “It was different before” syndrome

9 years ago, my only source of information was the Lonely Planet and in 2 weeks I had enough time to visit all the places recommended. I just followed the instruction and stayed in the different paths showed in the guide. So this time, I decided to experience Tokyo differently. This time, I could simply explore Tokyo and get lost. This time, I had more than a guide, I had the internet.

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